Terms of Sale

Joining the Puppy Wait List

To join the Puppy Wait list, you must first provide us with information about yourself. Please include your history with dogs, what the puppy's environment will be, and how you plan to raise the puppy. Also include what breed (Bernese Mountain Dog or "Great Bernese") and if you have a preference on whether the puppy is a male or female or if you just want what is first available.

Matching Puppies to Families

After a litter has been born, when we know the puppies are all healthy, we will send out an email to the people on our waitlist. This email will announce the birth and make the puppies available. The first people to commit to a puppy will get a puppy from the litter.


We post information and videos on the puppies as they grow. We then ask people what they are looking for and if they have a puppy preference. We match the puppies to best meet the needs of the litter after their 6 week vet appointment.

Final Payment

Final payment is due at 6 weeks when your individual puppy is matched to you. You can make this final payment in cash or with a check or credit card. Credit cards will have a 5% surcharge to account for credit card fees.

You will receive an email and/or an invoice with the total due.

The state of Indiana requires us to charge 7% Indiana State Sales tax on all puppies picked up in Indiana. This will be added to your final bill.

Health Defects

Puppies do not go to the vet until they are 6 weeks old. If the puppy is found to have any health issues such as a heart murmur, hernia, or bad bite, you will be notified. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis based on the individual circumstance.

Picking Up Puppies

Puppy prices are for puppies picked up between 8 and 9 weeks of age. If you can not pick up your puppy by 9 weeks old, you must inform us in writing of your pickup plans by 7 weeks. Boarding and training fees will apply after 9 weeks and must be paid in full by 7 weeks. Puppies will be forfeit by 10 weeks old if not picked up. We do this because we ideally want puppies to be introduced to their new families before 12 weeks old.

Puppy Price

At the time you secure your place in line, the price of your puppy is listed on our puppy page on the website. We will guarantee that price until you are offered a puppy. If you pass on a litter, we no longer guarantee that price. The price of your puppy will then become the puppy price currently listed on the website at the time of your puppy purchase.  

Sales Contract

When picking up your puppy, you may be asked to sign a sales contract. Any desired changes to the sales contract must be submitted in writing.