Available Puppies

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies - all puppies are spoken for now taking deposits on Beckett's next litter. 

Beckett's July litter has arrived!
(scroll to the bottom of this page to see them)
She has 3 female and 3 male puppies that were born on July 4, 2020.
All puppies are spoken for. Now taking deposits on her next litter.
Puppies may go to their new homes on August 29, 2020.

"Great Bernese" Puppies - none available, taking deposits

We currently do not have any "Great Bernese" puppies for sale. We are taking deposits on future litters. Please read our information on "Getting a Puppy" before you reach out to us. Most of your questions will be answered by carefully reading that page.

Breeding Plans

We know how excited you are to add a puppy to your family. We may not be able to predict exactly when we'll have a puppy available for you. But we promise to give you as much information as we have available so you can plan as much as is possible!

Dogs come into heat approximately every 6-8 months. The gestation on a litter of puppies is 60-63 days typically. The female will usually come back into heat 6 months from the last heat cycle and not 6 months after having puppies.

There is always some variation, and so predicting heat cycles is not an exact science. And exposure to a male during the heat cycle does not always guarantee a pregnancy. 

We try to not have any puppies during January and February of each year. January is our vacation time and February is our goat kidding season where we have over 100 baby goats born. And so we try not to breed dogs that are in heat during September, October, November, or December. We do occasionally make exceptions based on the individual dogs. And with the pandemic, we may not leave the farm and may decide to breed for January if a dog comes into heat.

Our Dogs

We are a working farm with three female dogs of breeding age. We have one intact male Bernese Mountain Dog (Castle) on the farm as well. Castle is the sire to all of these puppies.

Cagney (Great Pyrenees). Cagney came into heat in January 2020 and did not get pregnant. She should come into heat in July/August 2020 and will be bred to Castle. If she gets pregnant, she should have puppies in September/October 2020 which will be available to go home in November/December 2020. Cagney's puppies will be "Great Bernese" which is a cross between the Great Pyrenees (Cagney) and Bernese Mountain Dog (Castle). They are not registerable with the AKC. 
7/16/20 update: We have not seen Cagney come into heat or get bred, but we are watching her closely because she does seem to be putting on a bit of weight that is unrelated to any extra food.
8/7/20 update: Cagney does not appear to be pregnant yet. We are watching her closely, but still have not seen her come into heat. But the heat cycle isn't always obvious. Some dogs do a great job of keeping themselves clean. Castle has been in with her this entire time. So if we don't see her in heat, we won't have an exact due date, but Cagney should still get bred.

Lacey (Great Pyrenees). Lacey had her first litter of puppies on May 6, 2020. She is expected to come into heat in September/October of 2020. We will most likely not breed her that cycle and will plan to breed her again in March/April 2021.  Lacey's puppies will be "Great Bernese" which is a cross between the Great Pyrenees (Lacey) and Bernese Mountain Dog (Castle). They are not registerable with the AKC.

Beckett (Bernese Mountain Dog). Beckett delivered her first litter of puppies on July 4, 2020. The puppies will be available to go to their new homes on August 29, 2020. Beckett's puppies are full Bernese Mountain Dogs and are able to be registered with the AKC. Beckett is expected to come into heat November/December. We may breed her then depending on her health and weight. If not, we will definitely breed her in May/June 2021 for Summer 2021 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.

If you would like one of our puppies, please contact us about putting down a deposit. Puppies are available on a first deposit, first-served basis.

Previous Litters

"Great Bernese" Puppy Deposit List

  1. Male Great Bernese Puppy - Michelle M.
  2. Male Great Bernese Puppy - Kimberly D.
  3. Male (preferred) Great Bernese Puppy - Samantha S.
  4. Male (preferred) Great Bernese Puppy - Teresa K.
  5. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Amy W. 
  6. Female Great Bernese Puppy - John C.
  7. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Karen F.
  8. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Amie D.
  9. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Monica K.
  10. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Rubyana S.
  11. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Brittany P.
  12. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Debra A.
  13. Male Great Bernese Puppy - Julie E.
  14. Male Great Bernese Puppy - Brian M.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Deposit List

  1. Female Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Retained by owners

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy List - Beckett's July 2020 Litter (sold out)

  1. Male Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Andrea T. 
  2. Female Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Marisa K.
  3. Female Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Debbie H.
  4. Female Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Christine S.
  5. Male Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Jeffrey H.
  6. Male Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy - Troy D.