"Great Bernese" Puppy Waiting List

Next litter:

  1. Female Great Bernese Puppy - Robert R.
  2. First Available (Male preferred) Great Bernese Puppy- Olivia S.

2025 Litter or later:

  1. Male Great Bernese Puppy - Kimberly D. 
  2. Male Great Bernese Puppy- Elizabeth K.
  3. First Available (Female preferred) Great Bernese Puppy - Joshua C. 


We reserve the right to retain any puppy of our choosing at any time.

The puppy sex preference of the people on the list may change depending on what puppies are born.

To be added to the waiting list requires a $500 nonrefundable fee. This fee secures your place in line and will be applied toward the purchase of your puppy.

See "Getting a Puppy" for more details on how to be added to the list.